5 New Sweepstakes to Enter!

Here’s 5 new sweepstakes to enter!

FREE Vegan Starter Kit!

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Cereal Boxes Modified!

Don’t let those old cereal boxes go to waste!  Make a storage organizer out of them!  Keep some for yourself or give away as gifts.  These will be a hit!

Step 1:  Glue cereal boxes together

Step 2:  Wrap tape around boxes.

Step 3:  Wrap boxes with decorative wrapping paper.



Save Money With This Dryer TIP

Most people rely on their washer and dryer to clean clothes.  Most of those same people have no idea they could save money when it comes to their dryer!  Let me tell you how.

Take the lent trap out of your dryer and scrape or vacuum all the lent out of it.  Now take it over to the sink and run some water over the top of it.  If the water pools up on top of the screen, not only are you throwing money out the door (or dryer vent in this case) but your reducing the “life” of your dryer itself.dryer2

If water can’t get through the screen part of the lent trap then neither can air; which doesn’t happen to be optional when it comes to drying clothes.

Now that we’ve identified the problem, how do we fix it?   It’s a lot easier than you think.  All you need is some dish soap and either a scrub brush or tooth brush.soap-and-brush

Rub some dish soap on your hands then spread it around the screen.  Then use the brush to clean the screen.  After you’re done, rinse well with water.

You will now notice the water no longer pools on top of the screen.  It goes through the screen like it should.


Give your lent trap time to dry completely before sticking it back into the dryer for use.

I do this every 1-2 months.


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Save Money & Time

If you use the desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Opera you can save money and time on your online purchases!

It’s super easy and takes only a few seconds to set up!


Install the Chrome extension HONEY and every time you go to “check out” while making an online purchase it will scan the internet instantly and apply the best coupon or promo code for you!


What are you waiting on?  Get it NOW!

Honey Step 1 and 2

WIN a Homesteading Giveaway! ($11,000 value)

ENDS:  November 1st, 2015.    

Winners Announced around December 1st, 2015.


See winners list here:  WINNERS LIST


Prize list:
Grand Prize Package (one winner):

  • Harvest Right In-Home Freeze Dryer ($3,900)
  • Waterwise 4000 ($379)
  • Two Showerwise ($89 each)
  • Package of books from Storey Publishing ($1,099)
  • 25 newly hatched chicks and one starter kit from Murray McMurray ($193)
  • Traditional Kitchen Culturing Package from Homesteader Supply ($330)
    • Ultimate Cheese Press
    • Butter Mold (1 lb.)
    • Prepper Pro
    • 3-pack Pickle-Pro
  • Deluxe FD-80 Food Dehydrator from Nesco American Harvest ($89.99)
  • 4 Rolls of SquareDeal Non-Climb Woven Fence 48”x200’ from Red Brand ($1,600)
  • Chalet chicken coop from Quail Manufacturing ($2,229)
  • Lindon Farms 150 Freeze Dried Fruit Bucket from Hudson Valley Homestead and Provision ($200)
  • Lindon Farms 160 Freeze Dried Vegetable Bucket from Hudson Valley Homestead and Provision ($200)
  • The Hoss Deal from Hoss Tools ($592.93)
    • Seeder $169.00
    • Plow Bonus $39.99
    • Spreader Bar Bonus $61.99
    • 8″ Oscillating Hoe $26.99
    • 12″ Oscillating Hoe $31.99
    • Row Marker $26.99
    • Shoulder Bolt $4.99
    • Seed Plates #1-10 $21.99


  • Three winners will receive a Deluxe FD-80 Food Dehydrator from Nesco American Harvest ($89.99)
  • Five winners will receive a Deluxe FD-75PR Food Dehydrator from Nesco American Harvest ($79.99)


Total Retail Value of all Prizes (including shipping):  $11,500.86

Do You or Someone You Know Have a Rare Disease? (Money Making Opportunity)

There is a company called Rare Patient Voice (LINK BELOW IN BLUE) that does surveys and interviews for people with rare diseases about their medical care, quality, and services. Each time you fill out a questionnaire or survey, you get a bit of financial compensation. About a month ago, patients with Ulcerative Colitis received $250 for just one survey!

When you first sign up, you get a $5 Amazon gift card. Then anyone who signs up and puts your name as a referral – you both get another $5 gift card. I personally have Multiple Sclerosis. My last survey was about 3-5 minutes long and a week later I received a $30 check in the mail!  (I only list programs that I know personally work 100%  as stated.)

If you do decide to sign up, I’d love it if you put Michelle Scott (author.unnknown@gmail.com) as your referral so I can get credit for it!

Some of the many diseases that qualify as “rare” are:

Bleeding Disorders
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Cystic Fibrosis
Sickle Cell Disease
Huntington’s Disease
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH)
Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia (WM)
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Hepatitis C
Crohn’s Disease

Ibotta APP (Better than Coupons)

Ibotta is a free app that pays you cash for everyday purchases. Ditch the coupons and get cash back the fun and easy way. Ibotta has exclusive rebates at your favorite grocery stores, retailers and online shops. No more searching around for offers, coupons or discount codes – find the best deals every time you shop with Ibotta.


After shopping, tap the Redeem button, take a picture of your receipt, and verify your purchases.


If the store is an Ibotta Preferred Partner, it’s even easier! Simply link your loyalty card to Ibotta before you go shopping. At checkout, swipe your loyalty card (or provide your phone number) just like normal, and they will handle the rest.

Within 48 hours, you’ll have the cash deposited into your Ibotta account. No points. No credits. No other made-up currencies. Real cash.

100% of your earnings can be transferred to PayPal or Venmo as soon as you’ve earned $10. And if you’d prefer to use your money for a gift card, you can do that too!


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The bigger your team, the faster you earn. Just join or connect to Ibotta using Facebook and your friends will automatically join your team. The more friends on your team, the easier it is to earn your Teamwork bonuses, each and every month.