Easy Halloween Wreath

You can get all of this at the Dollar Tree except i’m not sure about the spray paint but you should be able to get that at the Dollar Store/General.


Gardner’s Seed Book (Great Gift Ideal)


To start the project I purchased some “garden themed” fabric. To fix the fabric to the album covers use any glue that’s suitable for both cloth and paper.  The project takes about 1/2 hour to complete.  I plan on keeping an eye out for some more spiral bound albums to recover and use for specific types of seeds. I could use one each for ‘Flowers’, ‘Herbs’, ‘Vegetables’, ‘Greens’, and so on. I think that an ordinary album might be trickier to use for this project because seed packets are thick when stacked one on top the other. Using a spiral bound album is far more practical when creating a seed album since it can help create space.