Air Freshener Hack

Do you want the Air Freshener smell but don’t want to have to spray it every 10 minutes?

Try this hack!

Tape a dryer sheet to your air conditioner vent.  Change it out when it looses its smell.

I prefer Gain Dryer Sheets Huge Box (#240) because I love how they smell and they tend to last a good while.

You can also put them in heat and a/c registers where the air blows out.  (Note:  Do NOT put them in the intake vents.  The last thing you want is a dryer sheet accidentally coming loose and clogging up your heating system.)



Or use them in your car vents instead of those expensive clip-ons!


Maybe even put a few on the back of your fan!


Cheap Laundry Room Upgrade!


Get rid of those bulky and ugly looking detergent bottles.

Make your laundry room look like it was designed right out of a magazine!

Dump your laundry detergent, bleach, softener, etc into glass containers and label them with chalkboard labels.

Supplies Needed: