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Secret #2 (Earn $300+ in a few minutes every day!)

I’ve been sitting on this “secret” for a few years now.  It’s time to come clean and share secret #2 with the world.  In just a few short minutes every day you can earn $300 or more!  What you do with it is completely up to you.  This program is FREE to sign up for, and takes very LITTLE effort on your part.


The program is called Bing Rewards.  By signing up with the links on my page you will get 250 credits to start you out with.  That’s half way to a $5 amazon gift card!



Here’s how easy it is to earn with this program:


STEP 1:  Sign up for a rewards account.  You can use your Facebook or Microsoft acct.

STEP 2:  On your Bing.com page, after your signed in, click on the little circle sprocket in the upper right hand corner next to your name.  This will take you to your Dashboard.  Click on the “Rewards” Icon on the left hand side.  This will take you to your daily To-Do List.

Daily To-Do List

Daily To-Do List


STEP 3:  Click on each item.  Afterwards, it will show you’ve completed it by the green checkmark and give you the designated amount of credits for completing each activity.


STEP 4:  The good news is you don’t actually have to SEARCH a bunch of times to get your search credits!  Hold down CTRL + T.  This will pull up a new browser tab.  On the new tab go to the BING BOT.  (I suggest adding this page to your bookmarks or favorites to find it easier.)  The bot will ask you how many searches you’d like to do and how long you want each search to take.  The normal search criteria will be 15 credits which is 30 searches (BUT sometimes they let you do more so keep an eye on your Daily to-do list).  Depending on your internet speed you could do the searches using 1 to 1 seconds or 1 to 2 seconds.  After that click to “Start Searching”  and sit back and let it do it’s thing.  After it’s done, refresh your To-Do List page and make sure it has a green check mark by the search activity.

Don't waste your time searching, Let the Bing Bot do it for you!

Don’t waste your time searching, Let the Bing Bot do it for you!


STEP 5:  After you’ve accumulated enough credits trade them in for rewards!  Choose your rewards from a huge list.  This is how many people get HULU Plus for FREE, Amazon Gift Cards, donate to charities, Redbox rentals, sweepstakes entries, etc.

Choose from MANY rewards!

Choose from MANY rewards!


SECRET STEP:  Here is the secret that really racks in the rewards…  ready for it????  The Bing Rewards program allows each “Person” to have 1 account BUT each “Household” to have UP TO 5 ACCOUNTS.  That means, I have an account, my spouse has one, my son has one, and my dogs each have one making 5 accounts for my household. Having 5 accounts, I do all these steps for each account once daily.  I trade my rewards in for Amazon Gift Cards then load them all to my amazon account.  That gives me a little over $650 to spend every Christmas on my son in FREE funds!!!  Basically my son has a REALLY GOOD CHRISTMAS every year for FREE!  NO COST TO ME!  Who wouldn’t want that?


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