Living with an Illness? Cash in on it!

It’s Secret Saturday!!!!!

This secret is extra special to me.

My wife has been with an organization as a patient for a few years now.  She has  Multiple Sclerosis.  They email her throughout the year to see if she wants to answer a few questions about her life with MS and in return for her time, they send her a check.  She can earn $50 in as little as 15-20 minutes.  Some interviews are done over the computer, phone, or in person (they will come to your house).  So far she has done quite a few on the computer, but the ones she does on the phone pay more.  She has never done the in person interviews but they pay REALLY REALLY WELL!

Here is an example of an email my wife just got this morning.  They are offering $20 for only 3 minutes of her time!


The company is looking for Patients, Caregivers, Nurses, & Providers in the USA or Canada.  After you sign up you will receive a gift card (as a thank you) for your choice to Amazon or Starbucks.

(The charts at the bottom of this page, shows the diseases they accept.)

Before I give you the link I ask only one favor from you….

Since I’m the one that let you in on this little secret, all I ask is that you please list my wife’s name and email address as the Referrer.

They will ask for her information right after you choose which gift card you would like.

Her name is :   Michelle   Scott

Her email is:  (please no spam)

So here is your magic key to sign up!  You can sign up, your friends can too!  Share!!!!

USA residents sign up here

Canada residents sign up here

Note:  2 weeks ago they were looking for Canadian patients for an MS study that is underway (2½ hour in home interview and 7 days of journaling (3-5 minutes each day) for a $400 reward.  They just opened to Canadian residents 1 month ago so they might still be looking for more patients for this study!  

I can guarantee you 100% that this company is legit AND they don’t spam you.  I know because my wife has been with them for about 2 years now.

List 1List 2List 3List 4List 5List 6List 7List 8

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