Let’s Talk Trash!

Today is Tidy Thursday and MoneyMamma101 is here to talk about something you use every day but probably think the least about… Trash! Everyone deals with trash can drama. It’s time to put an end to this drama with these simple tips.

There are a few alterations to make to your trash can to make it more ‘user friendly’.

  • The first is to take a drill and put a few holes in the bottom of each side of the can. This will STOP the bag from suction sticking when your trying to pull it out. When your friends see you lift your bag out with ease they will truly be impressed with what seems to be your super human strength!  


  • Place command hooks upside down on the side of the trash can to stop the bag from falling down into the can.  (Click on the image below to get a great deal on command hooks for this project.)




Next we will discus some things you can do to make your trash can more ‘user friendly’.

  • Place old newspaper into the bottom of the trash bag to absorb liquids and stop them from collecting in puddles to leak out later in place you’d rather them not be.


  • Place a dryer sheet (New or used) in the can before you put the trash bag inside to prevent odors.

  • Use a command hook in your vehicle as a holder for a grocery bag trash.



That’s it for the “Let’s Talk Trash”  blog.  Be sure to share this blog with your friends and family.


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