Time Out Chairs

Time to get creative and make a great looking time out chair for your little ones. ¬†Here is a collection of some I’ve found around the internet that caught my eye. ¬†Which kind would you want?

Frame is made out of wood while the hourglass is made from 2 soda bottles that have been cut. They are joined by a wooden bead. (Via http://itsalmostgenius.com/index.php/almost-genius/a-2-minute-time-out-chair/)

Simple chair painted and written on. Also attached a hand kitchen timer. I’m not so sure the timer is a great idea to have in that spot. If your kids are anything like mine they will turn the dial on the timer to speed up their time. (Via http://followpics.co/time-out-chair-cute/)

The chair says “If time you spend upon this seat perhaps the dead you won’t repeat.” (Via http://enchantedleaf.com/FantasyFurn1.html)

Simple design, Find a chair you like and add your own paint. (Via http://www.pinterest.com/pin/4011087141752048/)

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