Turn Your Old Trampoline Into Luxury Decor!

The typical situation is:  you spent hundreds of dollars on a trampoline that the kids begged you for.  After a short while, the hype wore off and now you have this unused piece of equipment in the back yard creating an eyesore and making it difficult to mow around.  Well help is here!  I’m here to tell you how to take that unused money pit and turn it into your own piece of luxury decor you’d likely see only on vacation.  Be the talk of the neighborhood and watch the surprised looks on your friends faces when they ask where you bought it and you tell them you made it.
All you need for turning this project into reality is:
·         a trampoline;
·         some strong rope or wire;
·         a big piece of white sheet;
·         long white curtains;


First, remove the metal legs from the trampoline. Then decorate the sideline with rope or any type of fabric you would like. This way, you conceal the metal ring that won’t blend into the overall design of a white lounge. Next, cover the rubber surface (needles to mention that you should remove any other piece of decoration – like the blue canvas – from the trampoline) with the sheet. You can sew it to its own ends on the bottom side of the trampoline. Now, before fashioning the canopy from the curtains, make sure you attach some strong pieces of rope or wire (if that’s available to you) to the metal ring. Voila!
Optional:  If it’s easier for you, leave the metal legs on the trampoline and paint them (black is a good color).  You can use some dowel rods to make the shape for the canopy if you don’t plan on hanging it.






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