Free Purell Hand Sanitizer (@ Rite Aid)

Info from The Krazy Coupon Lady

There is a new $2.00 Purell coupon! Print it now because this coupon may not last long. Use it at Rite Aid starting 8/3, when Purell will be on sale for $1.99. After the coupon, the hand sanitizer will be free!

To print the manufacturer coupon, follow these steps:

  • Sign up or log in to your Purell Loyalty account.
  • After signing up, automatically receive 1,000 loyalty points.
  • To earn the additional 1,000 points needed for the coupon, complete various tasks, like completing your profile.
  • Once you’ve reached 2,000 points, click the catalog at the top of the page to redeem your points for the $2.00 coupon.
  • Lastly, check your email! The coupon will be sent within just a few moments.

Restore Your Leather Furniture!

It’s Tidy Thursday again and today MoneyMamma101 is here to show you how to easily and cheaply restore your leather furniture.  If your couch is plagued with scratches and scuffs from kids, dogs, etc.  Grab some shoe polish of the same color and polish it right out of there.  

Leave a comment below and be sure to tell me what piece of furniture you just saved using this method.

Before and After





Be a Hero, Need a Hero

Today is Website Wednesday and MoneyMamma101 is here to tell you about Hero Network!  Anyone can be a Hero on this site and anyone can post a wish who needs help.   I’ve seen wishes for prayers,  pen pals,  birthday cards,  puzzles for people in nursing homes,  Christmas help,  help with medical supplies, etc.  Check it out today and help spread the heroism or post a wish of your own.   Companies can rally together and save extra money for a month then pick a wish to grant from your whole company!   Or you can choose to help someone with a Christmas wish for their little angels.

Hero Network

MoneyMamma101 is back again with Tasty Tuesday!  

Today I will be sharing one of my favorite recipes.  Rainbow Bars!

They take 5 minutes to make, in your microwave (or you can use a saucepan on the stove).
NOTE: I doubled the recipe to fill one large jelly roll pan (cookie sheet).

1/4 cup butter (1/2 a cube)
1 package mini marshmallow (or about 6 cups)
8 cups of cereal

Microwave the marshmallows and butter in a large bowl for 2 minutes till melted and stir it up. Some of the butter may not mix-in all the way. No worries.
• Pour in the cereal and mix
• Spread it on cookie sheet that has been sprayed with non-stick spray or butter. Spray a little on your hands to help spread it around without getting sticky goo all over you.
• Refrigerate till ready to serve

Cut into bars or squares.






Coffee Table out of Pallets

It’s Modify Monday again and MoneyMamma101 is here to bring you a coffee table made out of used pallets!

This is a great idea.  Most places give wooden pallets away for FREE.

You’ll need wooden pallet, hammer, nails, rolling casters, power drill.  and stain.  


Disassemble the wooden pallet, design your coffee table as you’d like, stain the wood, then place the rolling casters on the bottom.



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