Make Your Own Dog Toy (Money Saver!)

Stop wasting money on dog toys that aren’t going to last very long.  You’ll spend more time picking up all the fuzz that was inside than your dog actually spent tearing it apart!

This is what your dog’s doing while he’s watching you pick up all that fuzz around the house.

It’s easier and cheaper than you think.  You will need:

  • Empty Plastic Water Bottle
  • Old Sock

Grab an old sock or one that has been in the “lost it’s match” pile for a while.  Remove the lid from your bottle and throw it away.  Take your empty plastic water bottle (The thinner plastic the better noise it will make) and put all the way down into the sock.  If there’s enough room tie the end of the sock in a knot.  If not, grab a piece of string and tie the end up to where the water bottle stays in the sock.  Give the toy to your dog and enjoy NOT picking up loads of fuzz for the rest of the day.






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