Sending Your Kids Back To School SAFELY!



It’s about that time again.  Getting the kids ready to head back to the classrooms after an enjoyable summer break.  That also means we will send our kids off to school with a smile on the outside but intense fear and worry on the inside.  With all the violence in school these days we as parents have to do more to protect our children.  Yes, I know the schools are “supposed” to be the ones to protect our little ones in emergencies but honestly there’s so many kids and so few adults.  

Here are some items that I would recommend “arming” your kids with for the upcoming school year.

1 – Safety Armband with LED Lights.  This armband is perfect for sending your child to the school bus during the not so sunny conditions.  Choose from 6 different colors, each having 3 different light modes.  It runs on CR2032 batteries which means instead of throwing it away you can just replace the batteries as needed.  Price right now is $9.99 and you can get a 20 pack of batteries for only $7.44.

Safety Armband

2- Custom Engraved personalized Medical Alert Dog Tag.  Have a little one with a medical condition or allergy?  I prefer these over the typical medic alert bracelets because the bracelets are always getting lost or coming undone.  Plus the kids seem to  think these are “cooler” than the others. A plus on our side is they cost less too.  You can get the tag and either a 24″ necklace chain or key chain for $6.99.

Custom Dog Tags Medical/Allergy

3- 5Star Urgent Response Device.  Will call 911 directly by holding the button for 5 seconds. 24/7 live nurse access, GPS Locator to track the person carrying the device on the company’s website, translation support for up to 100 languages, and more.  You can pick one of these up for $38.60.  It runs on the Verizon network towers and the monthly plan is $19.99.

5Star Urgent Response

4- Hardwire Bulletproof Clipboard.  This 10 x 13 inch clipboard weighs only 1 pound.  It is a little pricey but it’s also bulletproof.  You can pick this up for $129.

Bullet Proof Clipboard

5- Guard Dog Security Bulletproof Backpack.  While providing more coverage than the clipboard, ProShield has been tested and certified against.357 magnum, 44 magnum, 9mm and.45 bullets by the National Institute of Justice with Level IIIA protection.  It weighs only ounces more than the non-armored backpacks and comes with a lifetime warranty.  Pick it up for $160 today; quantities are limited.

Bullet Proof Backpack


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