Track Your Medicine



It’s Tidy Thursday and today’s tidy tip comes for those who find medicine bottles laying around that they forgot to finish.  Use a permanent marker to draw out a make shift calendar on the bottle.  After each dose, mark the box out.  When you get to the end, throw the bottle away.


Not only is it important for you to finish all your antibiotics, it will also save you money in the long run.  82% of people that don’t finish all of their antibiotics have a recurring infection somewhere down the line.  It also makes the germ resistant to that medication causing you to have to buy a different antibiotic and is most likely stronger and more expensive.  So you have a germ that could have taken you a few days to a week to treat but failure to take all of the antibiotic caused the germ to get stronger, laying dormant until it’s multiplied enough of the now super germ, to cause a second attack on your body.  You pay for ANOTHER doctors visit, ANOTHER stronger antibiotic, and maybe even MISS some work days resulting in a LOWER paycheck.


The bottom line is:




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