The Cheapskate Bundle (Bundle for WAY LESS!)

The average monthly cable, internet, and phone bundle is around $170 or more. This is taking a huge chunk out of people’s pockets that they could, and would probably rather, be using elsewhere. I’m here to teach you how to dramatically reduce your bundle bill without reducing the entertainment aspect of it all. It’s not until you actually cut your bundle out all together that you really save a bundle! However, cutting your bundle out does NOT mean you have to miss out on the tv shows and movies that you would normally watch.

Step 1: Call your service provider and request your bundle service to be canceled. (A word of caution: some people are tied into a contract and can acquire an early termination fee. Do the math and see if The Cheapskate Bundle is worth the switch right now or if you should wait a bit longer.)

Step 2: If you don’t already have high speed internet, call your local provider to hook that service up. One thing you will need to know is how fast of an internet speed you need. If you watch your shows in SD (normal tv) I would recommend 3+ Mbps in download speed. If you prefer HD quality shows/movies your going to be looking for 5+ Mbps. Or if your more the Ultra HD 4K type, you’ll want to ask for a download speed of 25+ Mbps.  Not sure what speed your current internet is?  Head on over to Speakeasy and run a simple free test.

Step 3: Chose your streaming program source. This is where you’ll have access to tv shows and movies.  There are many streaming program sources. I’ll discuss the two most popular ones at this time.

The first source, Netflix, is directed more towards movies but they do also show tv shows. I pay $8.99 per month for unlimited streaming through Netflix.
The second source is Hulu. They are directed more toward tv shows. You can have a FREE Hulu account and get access to a limited selection of shows or you can pay $7.99 per month for Hulu Plus and have access to their entire library. There is also a way around the $7.99 per month fee making Hulu Plus FREE! This technique is listed in my blog titled Secret #2.  Be sure to check it out!

Comparing tv show access.  Netflix vs. Hulu

Comparing tv show access. Netflix vs. Hulu

Step 4: The next part is making sure you have a device that is capable of streaming tv/movies from your internet connection.
If you have a Smart TV your one step ahead of most.

Smart Tv's have applications and connect to your internet service.

Smart Tv’s have applications and connect to your internet service.

Most video game consoles will allow you to stream from them. (Ex: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)

Xbox 360, Ps3, Wii

Xbox 360, Ps3, Wii

If you don’t have any of the previous devices you can pick up a Set-Top Box device. There is the ChromeCast USB stick (for USB capable tv’s) or multiple kinds of Roku’s to pick from!

Roku® Streaming Player Movie Streaming Box $49.99. Almost the same price as movie tickets.

For a limited time and a one time fee, you can purchase a Playon PlayLater lifetime subscription and they will give you a ChromeCast for FREE!

Step 5: If you don’t have it already, get set up with BasicTalk Voip home phone service. The charge is $9.99 per month plus taxes and govt. fees. My bill comes to $12.82 with taxes and fees. They gave me the box for free. All I needed to do was have the phone and interenet to hook it up through. The only drawback to Voip phones are they rely on your internet connection to function. Which means if your power or interenet service goes out you don’t have access to your phone either. This isn’t a big deal to me because I also have a cell phone but weigh your odds before commiting. I choose BasicTalk because their cheap, they have no contract, no hidden fees, and the calls are crystal clear. You have unlimited calling to anywhere in the USA.

Basic Talk Voip

The average Tv/Internet/Phone bundle runs $170 or more per month. With my Cheapskate Bundle technique you could get away with paying as little as $40 per month! That’s an average savings of $130 per month or $1560 per year! I could think of quite a few things to do with that extra money, couldn’t you?

Leave a post below with how much you’ll be saving per month by switching to my Cheapskate Bundle!!!


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