My First Secret!

Welcome to the MoneyMamma101 blog! You’ll find many wonderful and interesting posts here. I have lots of secrets to share with each and every one of you!

So, here goes…. my very first secret.

I would like to introduce you to a website called Listia. This is a website similar to the marketplace giant eBay but there is a twist. You don’t pay money for your items! All items are bid on with Listia credits. The only time you might need to get your wallet out is if you’d like to buy more credits than you’ve already earned, or you won an item that wasn’t free shipping. If your looking to walk away with an awesome item without spending a penny then you’ll need to check the “free shipping” delivery option.

Free Shipping Option

How do you get credits?

The best way (The one I use) is to list stuff you have laying around your house for other people to bid on. I call this garage sale stuff. The clutter I have making me borderline on become a hoarder that I would normally put into a garage sale If I ever got around to having one. The credits the other people use to buy your stuff will be transferred into your account. You can use them like an impulse spender or you could save them up for something BIG!

Another way to earn credits is to do online activities like filling out surveys, watching videos, buying certain products etc. I haven’t personally done this method.

The last way is to buy credits with real money. I’ve never did this either. The whole purpose of this site is to get stuff for free so I believe this just defeats the purpose but if that’s more you cup of tea then by all means, go for it!

What happens when you find an auction you like?

Read the auction CAREFULLY! Make sure it is what your thinking it is. Be sure to take note of the auction listers stats (number of auctions completed, % of positive feedback, badges for trusted seller, verified phone number, verified credit card). You don’t want to put a huge amount of credits on an auction of someone who’d never sold on the site before, they might not be trustworthy.

Seller Stats

So, you have an item you love, the seller has a good reputation, now what? I’m glad you asked :p Some auctions are bid only. You can put in as many credits you’d like to bid on the item as long as you have that many credits in your account. Other auctions will have a bid option and a “Get It Now” option which will allow you to buy the item before the end of the auction for a higher set amount of credits. I’ve used this a few times. It can come in handy if you’re really interested in an item and you don’t want to wait or have a bidding war on it. Get It Now is a listing option for the more advanced listers. They have to reach a certain amount of experience on the site before they will be allowed to post an item with a GIN price.

I won! Now what?

FANTASTIC! You won an item! Now you need to go to the item auction page (the same one you used to bid on it with) and click to verify your address for them to ship the item too! You will also have the option to email the lister and discuss shipping arrangements. If your going to pay for shipping I recommend only using PayPal and ONLY if the lister has a VERIFIED Paypal address. This will allow you a buyers guarantee. You can petition to PayPal if the people take your shipping money but never ship the item.

If the lister fails to hold up their end of the auction and you never receive your item it’s okay. Listia has a guarantee. You just have to file a claim and they will take a look at the auction and ask the lister to explain what happened. If the lister can’t prove that they shipped the item to you (tracking number) then Listia will deduct your credits from the listers account and return them to you.

If everything goes as planned and you receive your item, be sure to leave feedback for the lister. There are three options. Positive, Neutral, or Negative. Then a text box will light up next to it and allow you to type a comment. Others will be able to see your rating for this Lister and your comment about your transaction.

Here are some of the items I’ve won and haven’t paid a single penny:

U-Draw studio game and tablet for the PS3
Norman Rockwell postcard
New 6 Axis PS3 controller
Organic Garden Seed Package (Over 30 fruits/veggies)
Dog Bone Biscuit Cutter to make homemade dog treats
This Path We Travel (Book)
22kt Gold Mary Cassett collectors stamp
Samsung smart phone
Acrylic paint color tubes
Rainbow loom bracelet
Wireless Bluetooth
2 Rings
2 sets earrings
Crafting ribbon
Webkinz toy penguin New
Compaq laptop
White Gold earrings
Boxtops (for my sons school)

So, that is my first secret for you all. Hope you get some use out of it. I know I sure did! Please use my link to sign up if your interested in it. Yeah, it will give me credits but it will give you extra credits as well so you can try the site out on something small right away.


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